What Is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment can be defined as “anything that gives pleasure to an audience”. It can be as simple as watching a movie or as elaborate as a night out with friends and dancing. The key is choosing the right entertainer so that the experience is as good as it could be. A good entertainer will have a sense of humor and will be able to win over the audience. This term is commonly abbreviated as entmt and is often used in headlines.

Anything that gives pleasure to an audience

Generally, any activity designed to provide pleasure to an audience is considered entertainment. This can include theater, music, visual arts, and sports events. The key is to choose the appropriate type of entertainment for the occasion. It must be interesting, fun, and convey the appropriate tone. The term entertainment derives from the Old French word entretenir, which means to gather together. Over time, it has evolved to mean any activity that maintains an audience’s interest.