The Daily News

Daily News is a New York-based newspaper. It was founded in 1919 and is the first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format. It reached its peak circulation in 1947 and has won eleven Pulitzer Prizes. It is currently owned by Tronc, and is headquartered at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan. The newspaper also maintains local bureaus in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens; at City Hall and One Police Plaza; and in various state and federal courthouses throughout New York City.

The paper has a reputation for being sensational, often making headlines that grab attention with their shock value, such as the 1974 headline “Ford to City: Drop Dead!” In recent years, however, the newspaper has moved away from this sensationalism and has become more moderate-to-liberal in its editorial stance. It is often contrasted with the rival New York Post, which is more conservative in its editorial outlook.

Although the newspaper has changed ownership in the past, it still holds a high degree of authority and prestige in the New York area. It has a history of breaking major stories, including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865; the assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933; the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941; and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The News is well known for its photojournalism and has won numerous awards for its work, including the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking Photography in 1976.

In addition to its print edition, the News has a number of online and mobile applications. The New York Daily News app provides subscribers with a full range of news and features, including an interactive version of the newspaper that can be personalized to fit individual preferences. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

In 2018, the Daily News was the most-read newspaper in New York City, with more than 200,000 daily readers. Its website receives more than 1 million unique visitors per day, and its mobile applications have been downloaded more than 14 million times. The Daily News also has a wide network of social media channels to interact with its audience, including Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the newspaper has its own radio and television programs, as well as a variety of digital offerings. The Daily News has an AllSides Media Bias Rating of Left, meaning that it has a strongly liberal editorial stance. This rating is based on its editorial positions and political ideology, as measured against the national average for the United States. Other ratings include a Right bias, centrist bias, and no discernible lean. AllSides’ ratings are compiled using a proprietary methodology involving research and surveys of public opinion. These ratings are intended to provide an indication of the editorial bias and political lean of news outlets, but not an endorsement of their content or opinions.