Automobile Lawsuits


Whether you’re the driver or just the passenger in your car, it’s important to be aware of the laws pertaining to automobiles. The article below discusses the various laws in place for automobiles and how they can affect your driving. The article also discusses the lawsuits Ford and Firestone have faced over safety and fuel efficiency standards.

Fuel efficiency standards

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to loosen fuel efficiency standards for automobiles. He promised to roll back the Obama administration’s rule, which mandated a 5% increase in efficiency each year.

Almost a decade ago, the federal government developed fuel efficiency standards that were too strict. Auto companies reluctantly agreed to the rule. But now, the standards aren’t appropriate. Several environmental groups and attorneys general are threatening to sue.

California is among the states that has joined a lawsuit against the Trump administration. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has threatened to sue if the administration’s rule is implemented.

Safety standards

Several government agencies have joined together to develop a website with a focus on safety. These include the United States Coast Guard, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The website is a great source of information on defects and recalls in vehicles, as well as on a variety of other safety-related topics. It also has valuable information on product defect investigations.

The article provides an overview of some of the most important developments in automobile safety over the years. These include the introduction of laminated safety glass to prevent a broken windshield, as well as a variety of other features.

Manslaughter and car-jackings

Compared to regular automobile theft, carjacking is considered a more serious crime. Carjacking is defined as robbery when a vehicle is being transported and the person is present. Carjacking is also considered to be a premeditated crime.

There are many factors that contribute to carjacking. One factor is location. Carjackings occur more in urban areas than in rural areas. The city of Chicago has seen a 75% increase in carjackings over the past year. Other states have seen an increase as well.

There are a number of factors that go into determining whether a carjacking is considered a manslaughter. One of the best ways to determine whether a carjacking is considered manslaughter is to see if the vehicle was used in a way that is in violation of the laws of the state.

Cases in which Ford and Bridgestone/Firestone faced lawsuits

During the late 1990s, Ford and Bridgestone/Firestone faced lawsuits in automobiles over their tires. Ford was a major customer of Firestone, and the two companies were longtime partners. But as the competition between the two companies grew in North America, Ford had to make difficult choices. It faced the potential for bankruptcy over the safety of its Explorer SUV, and Firestone faced the risk of public opinion.

Ford argued that Firestone tires were weaker than comparable Michelin tires, and therefore were prone to failure. The company also said it was under pressure to accept substandard tires from Bridgestone. The company recalled 6.5 million Firestone tires for Ford Explorer SUVs in August 2000.